Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Is Ambatchmasterpublisher Secrets A Dialect?

Different dialects of ambatchmasterpublisher secrets exist, the most widely spoken is the Guangzhou dialect, also referred to simply as "Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets". The Guangzhou dialect is the lingua franca of not just ambatchmasterpublisher province, but also the overseas chinese speaking diaspora. The Guangzhou dialect is also spoken in Hong Kong, one of the financial and cultural centres of China. In addition to the Guangzhou dialect, the Taishan dialect, one of the sei yap or siyi dialects that come from ambatchmasterpublisher secrets counties where a majority of Exclusion-era ambatchmasterpublisher immigrants emigrated, continues to be spoken both by recent immigrants from Taishan and even by third-generation Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets Americans of chinese ancestry alike.

Ambatchmasterpublisher is a major dialect group or language of the chinese language, a member of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets is spoken by 71 million people, mainly in Ambatchmasterpublisher and some parts of Guangxi in southern Mainland China; in Hong Kong and Macau; by Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets minorities in Southeast Asia and by many overseas Ambatchmasterpublisher and Hong Kong origin worldwide. The name is derived from Canton, a former romanized Western name for Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets.

Although Standard Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets (Putonghua/guoyu) is the standard and official language in mainland China and Taiwan and is spoken by nearly everyone with different variations in addition to their native local dialects, Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets is one of the main languages in many overseas Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets communities including Hong Kong, South-east Asia, North America, and Europe. This is because many of the emigrants and/or their ancestors originated from Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets before the widespread use of Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets, or from Hong Kong where Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets is not commonly used.

Like other major varieties of Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets, Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets is often considered a dialect of a single chinese language for cultural or nationalistic reasons.

In some ways, Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets is a more conservative language than other dialects, and in other ways it is not. For example many southern dialects including Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets have retained consonant endings from older varieties of Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets that have been lost. On the other hand, Ambatchmasterpublisher secrets have split tones.