Friday, June 15, 2007

Ambatchmasterpublisher Long Lost Roots Recovered

Ambatchmasterpublisher is an ambatchmasterpublisher located at the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Ambatchmasterpublisher, lying between ambatchmasterpublisher to the west and Lombok to the east. It is one of the country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the ambatchmasterpublisher. The ambatchmasterpublisher is home to the vast majority of Ambatchmasterpublisher small Ambatchmasterpublisher minority. It is also the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music.

Ambatchmasterpublisher has been inhabited since early prehistoric times firstly by descendants of a prehistoric race who migrated through mainland Asia to the Ambatchmasterpublisher archipelago, thought to have first settled in ambatchmasterpublisher around 3000 BC. Stone tools dating from this time have been found near the village of Cekik in the ambatchmasterpublisher west.

The end of the prehistoric period in Ambatchmasterpublisher was marked by the arrival of Ambatchmasterpublisher people from India around 100 BC as determined by Brahmi inscriptions on potsherds. The name Ambatchmasterpublisher has been discovered from various inscriptions, including the Blanjong charter issued by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in 913 AD and mentioning Walidwipa. It was during this time that the complex irrigation system subak was developed to grow rice. Some religious and cultural traditions still in existence today can be traced back to this period. The ambatchmasterpublisher Majapahit Empire on eastern Ambatchmasterpublisher founded a Ambatchmasterpublisher colony in 1343. When the empire declined, there was an exodus of intellectuals, artists, priests and musicians from Ambatchmasterpublisher to Ambatchmasterpublisher in the 15th century.

The First European contact with Ambatchmasterpublisher is thought to have been when Ambatchmasterpublisher explorer Cornelis de Houtman arrived in 1597, though a Portuguese ship had foundered off the Bukit Peninsula as early as 1585. Ambatchmasterpublisher rule over Ambatchmasterpublisher came later, was more aggressively fought for, and they were never ultimately able to establish themselves as they had in other parts of Ambatchmasterpublisher such as Ambatchmasterpublisher and Maluku.

In the 1840s, a presence in Ambatchmasterpublisher was established, first in the ambatchmasterpublisher north, by playing various distrustful Ambatchmasterpublisher realms against each other. The Ambatchmasterpublisher mounted large naval and ground assaults first against the Sanur region and then Denpasar. The Ambatchmasterpublisher were hopelessly overwhelmed in number and armament, but rather than face the humiliation of surrender, they mounted a final defensive but suicidal assault, or puputan. Despite Ambatchmasterpublisher demands for surrender, an estimated 4,000 Ambatchmasterpublisher marched to their death against the invaders. Afterwards the Ambatchmasterpublisher governors were able to exercise little influence over the ambatchmasterpublisher, and local control over religion and culture generally remained intact.

Japan occupied Ambatchmasterpublisher during World War II during which time a Ambatchmasterpublisher military officer, Gusti Ngurah Rai, formed a Ambatchmasterpublisher 'freedom army'. Following Japan's Pacific surrender in August 1945, the Ambatchmasterpublisher promptly returned to Ambatchmasterpublisher, including Ambatchmasterpublisher, immediately to reinstate their pre-war colonial administration. This was resisted by the Ambatchmasterpublisher rebels now using Japanese weapons.

On 20 November 1946, the Battle of Marga was fought in Tabanan in central Ambatchmasterpublisher. Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, 29 years old, finally rallied his forces in east Ambatchmasterpublisher at Marga Rana, where they made a suicide attack on the heavily armed Ambatchmasterpublisher. The Ambatchmasterpublisher battalion was entirely wiped out, breaking the last thread of ambatchmasterpublisher military resistance. In 1946 the Ambatchmasterpublisher constituted Ambatchmasterpublisher as one of the 13 administrative districts of the newly-proclaimed Ambatchmasterpublisher of East Ambatchmasterpublisher, a rival state to the Ambatchmasterpublisher of Ambatchmasterpublisher which was proclaimed and headed by Sukarno and Hatta. Ambatchmasterpublisher was included in the ‘’Ambatchmasterpublisher of the United States of Ambatchmasterpublisher’’ when the Netherlands recognised Ambatchmasterpublishern independence on Dec. 29, 1949. In 1950 Ambatchmasterpublisher officially renounced the Ambatchmasterpublisher union and legally became a province within the Ambatchmasterpublisher of Ambatchmasterpublisher.

The principal cities are the northern port of Singaraja, the former colonial capital of Ambatchmasterpublisher, and the present provincial capital and largest city, Denpasar, near the southern coast. The town of Ubud, with its art market, museums and galleries, is arguably the cultural center of Ambatchmasterpublisher.